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 Pre-order for Fall' 14
were accepted
through July 18.

 Pick up   August  13 - 19


Fall '14 Pre-orders
were accepted April 1 through July 18

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Ichabod Shop

Textbook Program

It's the easiest way to get your required books,

and the best chance to get Used books!

A Pre-order gives you the choice of either:

5% Off Pre-Orders picked up at Washburn

Free Ground Shipping!

Be an EarlyBOD - PRE-ORDER!

Choose the Pre-order method that works for you:

  1. Paper Form  
HERE during pre-order period.

Fill it out completely & mail, fax or or bring it in.
To select your course materials:
   On your
MyWashburn, My Courses Tab, Use the "Find your books" link,
    print and attach your book list to your Pre-order form
    Build a BookList online
& choose your books  
    Have us pull the required books for your class schedule.

     2. Order Online
Spring '14 Pre-orders are accepted 11/1 through 12/14.
Click on  "Find Your Books"  on the menu at the top 
Using your schedule, choose only the books you want.
We track any delayed or back-ordered book for you.
When the book is  available, your order is filled.
You are notified that your book has arrived!
 And your 5% off or free shipping still applies!!


                  Whichever method you choose,
you won’t be charged until your books are pulled.


     Q:  What's the difference between using a paper form
and placing my Pre-Order online?

      A: The two main differences are:

1.   The method used to select your books  

If you submit a Pre-Order using the paper form, you can either:

Use MyWashburn / My Courses tab, click on the
"Find your books" link, and print a personal book list.
Attach to your pre-order form.
Create a BookList on the website & choose your own books

us pull the required books for your schedule

If you place a Pre-Order online,  you control what you order,
 selecting each item in your cart.

2.   What happens if the books are back-ordered. 

       Using the paper form or Washburn Student Charge:

You will receive a list packed with your books, listing any
that were not
available the day your order was processed.

It is your responsibility to call, email, or stop by 
to check on the
availability of the back-ordered book.

                   If you submitted an online Pre-Order using a credit card:

We will BackTrack your book.
When the book is available your order is filled
and you are notified the book is in.


     Q:  How can I pay for my Pre-Order?

     A:   An Online Pre-Order can be paid with a credit card, WU Gift Card,
* or Washburn Student Charge. 


          A Paper form Pre-Order can be paid with a credit card, Student Charge, or iCard*.

                *If you choose to pay with your iCard,
                 make sure to deposit $$ onto your iCard by July. 15.
                 The Business Office will NOT deposit Fin Aid $ to your iCard. 

Contact the Student Service Center with questions.

     Q. Can I use a Washburn Student Charge
            (WU Financial Aid)  to pay for an online order?

A:  Yes!
Remember that using a Washburn Student Charge will mean that
you are responsible for following up on back orders,
              or materials not available when your order is processed.

     Q:  How can I use my iCard for a Pre-Order?

     A:  Yes! To use your iCard,
           just deposit $$ by credit card, cash, or check onto your card.

           You can contact the Ichabod Service Center for details at
   or 785-670-1188
The Business Office will NOT deposit Fin Aid $ to your iCard. 
Contact the Student Service Center with questions.

     Q:  When am I charged for my books?

     A:  Your account is not charged until your Pre-Order is filled 
          That's when we know if your books are Used or New,
           and will know exactly how much to charge.

           Orders are filled in late July / early August for the Fall term,
                                     in December for the Spring term

      Q:  Do I need to know my class schedule to place a Pre-Order?  

      A:  Well, that depends...

            Yes, if you are ordering online

            No, if you are filling out the paper form.

Q. What if I look up my course and it says: 

         Textbook requirements have not yet been determined for this course. You may select
         this course now by clicking the "Add to Cart" button and we will process your order
         as soon as textbook information is received. If your instructor decides not to require
          any materials, this course will not be processed.

A: This just means the instructor hasn't yet picked the book,
        or, hasn't turned in the order for it.
        Ordering online, you can put the Course in your cart anyway,
        and when he/she decides on a book, the order  will be updated


     Q. Do I get a 5% Discount or Free Shipping for online Pre-Order?

      A:  YES!!  And it will apply to any Back-Ordered books too
             for orders using a credit card!

     Q:  What if my schedule changes after I've placed a Pre-Order?

  You can change / update your order up until it is processed.
                that's late July for Fall, mid December for Spring.

            Just contact us by email at or call us at 785-670-1049.

      Q. How can I use my WU Financial Aid to pay for a Pre-Order?

       A:  You can select Washburn Student Charge as your payment method.
            The charge will be sent to the Business Office, added to your account,
            and be subject to the same payment deadlines as your other fees.
            Contact Ichabod Shop at (888) 475-6360 or 785-670-BOOK
            for details.

Q. Can I place an Pre-Order for Summer Term??

     A: No. Pre-Orders can only be placed for full semesters, Fall and Spring.
          Ichabod Shop accepts and processes summer book orders,
           but the pre-order program does not apply.